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Why should you get your boiler serviced?

Getting your boiler serviced is super important - but why should you?

"It's working fine"

"We can't afford it right now"

"We'll do it next year"

All totally valid, but making sure you keep up your maintenance schedule should actually save you money in the end.

Avoiding future repairs

The main reason to keep up with your boiler's servicing schedule is that it minimises any future repairs.

Much like your car, the better a boiler runs, the less likely it is to break down. The cost of repair, plus the hassle factor, is usually much more than a service.

Keeping your boiler running safely

We all know that boilers are essential to the household, but if they become faulty they can become dangerous. Boilers emit carbon monoxide, which is silent, invisible and odourless, and yet can cause serious health issues (or even death) if it starts leaking.

Having a regular boiler service will hugely lower the risk of your boiler becoming faulty and dangerous.

The other things it can prevent include overheating and water leaks.

Improves the efficiency of your boiler

Keeping your boiler serviced can actually improve the efficiency, lowering your running costs.

Great for future house-buyers

Having a boiler with a perfect service history will be an amazing selling point for potential future house-buyers.

I am a highly recommended, Gas Safe plumbing and heating business based in St. Neots Cambridgeshire. Our customers use us because we provide a high quality, professional service and guarantee great workmanship and customer satisfaction.

If you need a boiler service in St Neots or surrounding areas, give me a call.

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